Our customers use Allkort for handeling the sales of oil, and card transactions from fuel stations


Q-Star Försäljnings AB

Qstar Sales AB holds since 2010 trade marks Pump, Qstar and Bilisten.
We are mainly in small towns and rural areas, where many major companies avoid, but you can also find us in some major cities and along major highways. We are simply where we are most needed, and it has given us a very loyal customer base. Today we have over 400 self-service stations.

D & D Biltvättar AB

Unmanned car washes with a debit card machine. Car wash is open 24 hours / day. In the building and on the website shows the current queue. Both own business cards and debit cards can be used. Bank card transactions go through BABS and business cards are billed automatically via Allkort.

Svensk Biogas